Typical Day at Polis

Today (Tuesday) was a typical day here in Polis. We got up and headed out to the apotheke. We finished up looking at various excavation units that we wanted to check on and I turned to cataloging items for publication. I am always surprised at how, once I start cataloging and drawing artifacts, quickly time passes. So, not much to report on the archaeology front. Bill finally made his Franco Harris Matrix joke, so waiting on that is over.

Last evening group members from another project in the area started showing up, as well as another member of our team, so our hotel is becoming a little more crowded. The rumor is that the other project will have 16 more students showing up next week, so it will be a lot more crowded. My obvious selfish concern is how this might impact internet bandwidth in the hotel.

IMG_2540As for chips, the potato chips I decided to review are Replay’s Cheese flavored chips. Replay is a newer player in the snacks world, they seem to have begun producing snack foods in 2016. I was a bit apprehensive after my unhappiness with their Terra Bites, but this concern was unfounded. The Cheese chips were very cheesy, in fact it was surprising how strong the cheese flavor was. It was not a cheddar flavor, but a milder taste like a Romano or very young Parmesan. The crunch was nice, and all the chips were coated with the cheese flavoring. I am giving them a – *******(8).


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