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Cyprus Conference in PA

A recent announcement was sent out about an upcoming conference on Cyprus to be held at the University of Pennsylvania Museum March 27-29, 2009 – “The Ancient Kourion Area: Penn Museum’s Legacy and Recent Research in Cyprus: A Conference Commemorating … Continue reading


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Marble Head

It seems that archaeologists in Israel have been making a series of interesting discoveries. Recently, a marble head of a boxer was discovered at an archaeological excavation in Jerusalem. The head, which is 6 X 4 centimeters, dates to the … Continue reading

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Horizon Report

A version of the 2009 Horizon Report is now available for viewing on the web. For those unfamiliar with the Horizon Report, the description posted on their website says:: The annual Horizon Report describes the continuing work of the New … Continue reading

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Digital Reconstruction of Karnak

The Experimental Technologies Center at UCLA has created a digital reconstruction of the Karnak Temple Complex in Egypt – The Digital Karnak Project. There are several interesting features to the site. There is a section (Timemap Karnak) where you can … Continue reading

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E-Book Readers

I have been reading lots of articles about E-Book readers since I would like to be able to make a convincing argument for buying one, without getting in trouble with my wife. A recent article on The Wired Campus shoots … Continue reading

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Cyprus, Rain, and Waterpark?

As we start to prepare for the 2009 fieldseason, Cyprus starts to intrude on my thoughts more often. One thing I do to prepare for the summer is to start reading the Cyprus news online. At the AIA last weekend, I talked … Continue reading

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Ancient History Blogs and the AIA

Wow, this semester has hit me hard, and it seems that I already have no time. I returned from the AIA on Sunday and classes began Monday morning. The AIA provided me the opportunity to talk to some people I … Continue reading

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Off to the AIA

Tomorrow I leave for the AIA (Archaeological Institute of America’s Annual Meeting). Just like last year, I did a poster on PKAP. This year, fortunately, I was able to create the poster without much trouble, both in the design phase … Continue reading

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Last week before Semester

It is the last week before my semester begins so I am frantically trying to get ready. It is always amazing how quickly time flies over the holidays. Two items that caught my attention in the news: On the digital … Continue reading

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Satellite Photos and Archaeology has an article on the use of satellite photos for locating ancient sites (“Satellites unearthing ancient Egyptian ruins“) in its technology section. While this is not exactly earth shattering news, there have been several articles in the last year … Continue reading

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