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Back to School

So today was the first day for my fall semeter at IUP. As usual, it was quite chaotic. As, is usual, I often find myself on the first day of a new semester thinking back to last semester. I had … Continue reading

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Gambling on Grades?

A new website called Ultrinsic is letting students bet on the grades they will earn in college. According to the website: “Ultrinsic is a web-based college platform that provides incentives to students for academic achievement. Ultrinsic exclusively dedicates itself to … Continue reading


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Wave Goodbye

Google announced today that they are pulling the plug on Google Wave by the end of the year. The product evidently did not attract enough users to justify its continued existence. Its future seems to uncertain. “We don’t plan to … Continue reading

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Preparing for class

Now that August is here, it is time to start thinking about my fall classes – and yes I know I should have started earlier – but…….. Anyway, I am very interested in retooling my history of the modern era … Continue reading

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