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Europeana, the new digital library that is the result of collaboration between 27 European countries debuted on November 20 and had tremendous initial success. The website soon crashed due to the interest it had generated,averaging more than 10 million hits per hour. … Continue reading


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Minnesota Going Online

The governor of Minnesota announced last week that the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (32 state supported technical colleges, community colleges, and state universities) will offer 25% of all their courses online by 2015, an increase of 16%. Governor Pawlenty … Continue reading

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Google not so "Lively" anymore

Google recently announced that it plans to shut down its virtual world, Lively, by the end of 2008. Google only introduced the virtual world a few months ago. Google says on its blog that it has decided to focus its … Continue reading

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Time Flying and A Case of Blow Out

It dawned on me today that I had missed a few days of blogging. I wish I had a good excuse, but I don’t. I do have, however, 2 bad excuses. One is that the semester is drawing to a … Continue reading

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Thinking about Online Teaching some more

I am on several committees school where the subject of online teaching or distance education comes up. Usually in these committees, which are mainly composed of faculty members, the issue that concerns most people is academic integrity. Are the students … Continue reading

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Google Earth and Rome

I read an article in the Guardian about a virtual recreation of ancient Rome that is the result of a collaboration between Google Earth and the Roman Reborn project. It can be seen at and is certainly worth looking at. … Continue reading

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New Pyramid Discovery in Egypt

It was announced recently that a new pyramid has been discovered in Egypt at the site of Saqqara. The pyramid might have been the tomb for Queen Sesheshet, mother of the Pharaoh Teti – a pharaoh of the 6th dynasty. … Continue reading

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A Better Search Engine

A new project is underway to create a better search engine. The project’s webpage says that it: “Reference Extract is envisioned as a web search engine, like Google, Yahoo and MSN. However, unlike other search engines, Reference Extracts will be … Continue reading

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About Time for Another Rant

Well, it has been a while since I expressed my, shall we say, anger about an issue. Today’s topic deals with SW Pennsylvania. People living here have the curious habit of when they are trying to order food in a fast food … Continue reading

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A few Quick Thoughts

Just a few quick thoughts or items: George Mason University has announced that they have no plans to change their FireFox plugin despite a lawsuit by the makers of EndNote alleging that George Mason reverse engineered Zotero from their product. … Continue reading

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