Monday at the Apotheke

Today was a typical work day at the apotheke. It was a little hotter today, the temperature has climbed into the low 80s. We actually finished going through the pottery and have moved onto cataloguing some artifacts for the write-up of the area. We plan to continue the cataloguing tomorrow at the apotheke and then work on some artifacts stored at the Polis Museum on Wednesday. The one unusual thing of the day DdIwZvhW0AAjK3Cwas when I moved my Microsoft Surface over to look up some pottery forms, Bill pushed some sherds under the stand and took a picture of it (see below) that he tweeted out as a “sub-surface assemblage of pottery” an archaeology joke. He was very excited about doing that, and kept checking his twitter feed to see if people had liked or retweeted the tweet. At 3:00 he informed me that it was “blowing up” on twitter since he now had 14 likes and one retweet.

For dinner we went back to Yialos for another fantastic sunset and a really good pork souvlaki pita. The music was a little different tonite, it is usually typical Cypriot restaurant music, and it started out that way, but then there was Abba’s Dancing Queen and Mama Mia, followed by the Bee Gees’ Stayin’ Alive. Flashback to the 1970s and a reminder that I am old.


For my potato chip review – I chose Replay’s Terra Bites. The look like Sun Chips, which I like and IMG_2535.jpgis probably why I chose them. They had a nice shape, and a nice crunch – and are oven baked. They, unfortunately, did not have any real flavor to them – either positively or negatively. The flavor I took away from them was crunch – which isn’t a flavor. I had Bill try them and he agreed that in our opinion they were very bland, much like a plain cracker. I am going to have to give them a – **(2). I have some other Replay flavors to try, and hope they will be a bit more flavorful.


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