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Some Feedback

I received some feedback from Matthew Theobald on my blog "Staying on the subject of search engines" that I thought was worth passing on: For a deep web solution emerging out of library science you might check out the Internet … Continue reading

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Staying on the subject of search engines

Lest my blog yesterday recounting my less than satisfactory interaction with Cuil be seen as a pro-Google bias, today I read an article in The Wired Campus entitled "Does Google’s Web Search Go Deep Enough into Scholarly Archives?" As someone … Continue reading


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Cuil? Not so far

After hearing about the new search engine Cuil, I decided to give it a test. I spent a few minutes entering various terms in it without any luck. None of the terms found anything, they all returned a page with “We … Continue reading

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More on cheating or prevention of it

I noticed another article on cheating, or its prevention – “Keeping an Eye on Online Students.” This is a very interesting article, at least I thought so. I am on several committees at IUP where the issue of monitoring online … Continue reading

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PKAP 2009 Season Planning Begins

Well, planning for the PKAP 2009 season officially began yesterday. Bill Caraher made it back to the US from Greece and gave me a phone call. We spent about 30 minutes talking about the past season and how the season … Continue reading

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On the subject of cheating……

Since I am on the subject of cheating, I also saw a story about “Test-Answer Site Removes Professors’ Ability to Block Their Tests.” I was intrigued to see this story, about which I knew nothing beforehand, concerning a site for … Continue reading

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In catching up on my email over the weekend, I saw an interesting article on Wired Campus – “Students Show How to Cheat via YouTube.” Cheating is something that many academics worry about and it seems to be getting more … Continue reading

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Another Rant

So, today, along with about 600 billion other people, I took my family to the Pittsburgh Zoo. While I enjoyed the day, I was left with 2 issues that I want to rant about. First issue: people who drive like … Continue reading

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Another Company Ventures into Virtual Worlds

Google is the latest company to make a stab at creating a virtual world. They have announced the creation of “Lively.” I have to admit that my initial examination of it left me less than impressed. Now, this might be … Continue reading

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Distance Ed Gets Boost

The Wired Campus had an interesting article about how higher gas prices are leading to an increase in enrollments for distance education – “Have Gas Prices Pushed Distance-Education Popularity Past a Tipping Point?” For a longer article on the subject check … Continue reading

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