Trip to See Pottery at Kourion


So Bill and I got up early this morning and drove down to Kourion. I had been asked to take a look at some Roman pottery that had been excavated a while back and is now moving into publication stage. It was actually a fairly quick and pleasant trip down, and just like the Larnaka and Polis Museums, the staff there was super helpful and super nice. The view of Akrotiri from the museum was fantastic. IMG_2558_thumb.jpgUnfortunately, there was more material and we had a couple start and stop moments as we began, so we got about halfway through the material we had hoped to process today. We will be going back tomorrow to finish it up, and then I will go back in early June to do some cataloging of the more interesting pieces. Since we felt like we were a bit behind, we worked through lunch and didn’t eat until the museum closed at 3:30. We did stop at a nice cafe underneath the site of Kourion right at the water’s edge and had some Calamari and fries. The trip back to Polis was not as fast or relaxing as the trip down this morning since there was a lot of traffic, and it was very slow on the hilly stretches between Paphos and Polis. But, it is what it is.

For today’s potato chip review, I chose Replay’sIMG_2552 Ketchup Flavored Potato Chips and after the pleasant experience of their Cheese Flavored Potato Chips, I was hoping for a repeat experience, despite never really trying a ketchup flavor chip that I really liked. As expected, I did not like them, and after tricking Bill and Amy into trying them, they agreed that they did not like them either. Just as their Cheese Flavored Chips were very strong, the ketchup flavor was also very strong, and unfortunately was all I could taste when eating a chip. It really was a bit overwhelming. So, I give them a – *(1).


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