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Season fast approaching

Well, the PKAP 2010 field season is fast approaching. I realized today that I leave for Cyprus in 26 days. To get into the right frame of mind, I fried up some halloumi cheese – the cheese of Cyprus, or … Continue reading

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Euro on the rise?

As the summer approaches, I start to pay closer attention to the value of the Euro and its exchange rate against the dollar. As our project has grown larger, and our expenses have correspondingly risen, small changes in the Euro’s … Continue reading

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Icon Auction set for May in Cyprus

Cyprus will be holding its first ever auction of icons this May. The collection of Byzantine, Greek, and Russian icons only has one Cypriot icon, but the auction’s organizers feel that the sale will gross over one million euros. RSM

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iPad Competition

The iPad has only been out a short time, but its first competitor is already on the horizon. Today, HP released details about its new slate computer which will arrive later this year. The HP computer will include some features not … Continue reading

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