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House Discovered in Nazareth

The Israeli Antiquities Authority have announced the discovery of a house in Nazareth that dates to the 1st century BC. This is the first discovery of a house dating to that period in Nazareth, despite the discovery of several burials … Continue reading

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Fall of Rome……malaria?

As I was wrapping up my Roman history class, I ran across an article on about the fall of Rome. The article by Andrew Thompson, focuses on the work of David Soren who has been excavating a Roman villa … Continue reading

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Former Cypriot President

A few days ago, the body of former Cypriot President, Tassos Papadopoulos, was stolen from its grave only a day before the first anniversary of his death. The body, which was buried in a Nicosia cemetery and was protected by … Continue reading

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There is a new site called TwHistory, which is an offshoot of twitter – in a way. At the site, they pick a historical figure and then tweet the experiences they went through. Their first project is the Battle of … Continue reading

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Portus Project

I have been very interested lately in 3D recreations of ancient sites. Today I ran across the Portus Project. The project which is directed by researchers from the University of Southampton and the University of Cambridge. The project’s website says … Continue reading


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