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Ruling in favor of Greek-Cypriot

An important ruling was handed down recently by the UK Court of Appeal. The ruling ended a 5 year legal battle over a piece of property purchased by a British couple in northern Cyprus that had involved legal battles in … Continue reading

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New Semester Arrives

Well, sooner than expected, the new semester has arrived. I am looking forward to my Digital History class. A few years ago, I offered a one hour version of the class. This semester I am expanding that class to a … Continue reading

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Rent your Textbooks

I spent some time surfing at the Barnes & Noble website today, looking at their e-reader the Nook. I have been looking at eReaders desperately trying to figure out which to get. I want to use one in Cyprus when I am looking … Continue reading

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Teaching with Google Wave

As I play around with Google Wave, I have been asked by colleagues about the value of it. While I have been able to offer a brief sketch of it, I was a bit stumped by a colleague who said … Continue reading

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