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I have been reading quite a bit about Twitter. Twitter is a free social networking and microblogging program. Today I read an article by Jeffrey Young in the Chronicle of Higher Education "Forget E-Mail: New Messaging Service Has Students and … Continue reading

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SL Exploration

I had a CHSS (College of Humanities and Social Sciences) Tech Committee Meeting today. At the meeting we voted to ask our Dean to purchase an island for our college. The Dean has indicated in the past that he would … Continue reading

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PKAP Website and Documentary

The PKAP website is up and running, at least mostly. There are still a few bad links I am finding every now and then, but I think the current incarnation is the way it is going to be until the … Continue reading

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Dreary Tuesday

Today was a dreary Tuesday in Indiana, PA – wet, slushy, and a cold rain falling for most of the day that has now turned into snow. This week my Digital History class is talking more about information literacy. I … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts

As we get closer to the summer fieldseason, we are trying to 1) create lists of needed equipment; 2) buy, beg or borrow said equipment; and 3) find a way to get the equipment from the US to Cyprus. For … Continue reading

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Feeling Good about Digital History

I asked the students in my Digital History class to help me evaluate what I have covered in class so far. I was worried that it was too much of a review, especially the website evaluation class. In class the … Continue reading

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It looks like the new address for PKAP ( is up and running, sort of. It looks like most pages are working, a few are still not fixed completely, but I will get to them over the weekend. My biggest … Continue reading

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PKAP Website Migration

I got an email from my college technical support staff late this afternoon letting me know that they had moved the PKAP website from its old location ( to its new home at On one hand, this is good … Continue reading

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Digital History and Website Evaluation

This week in my digital history class we are discussing web site evaluation. In previous classes we talked about html editors, briefly played around in Microsoft FrontPage, and talked about basic wesite creation. This week we are discussing how to … Continue reading

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Frustrating Day

After reading Bill Caraher’s blog "Monday Metadata" on tracking his hits, I decided I should do the same (And yes, I realize that it looks like I rely quite a bit on Bill’s blog for ideas for mine). I emailed … Continue reading

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