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Egyptian Troubles

The ongoing civil unrest in Egypt, in addition to the danger to life and property, also poses a threat to Egyptian antiquities and sites. Various news agencies and websites over the last few days have reported that various museums, including … Continue reading

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My university recently began the process of migrating to Desire2Learn from Moodle. This transition was greeted by a fair number of complaints from faculty members since we had just made the transition from WebCT (purchased by Blackboard) to Moodle only … Continue reading


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The Year of the Tablet?

As technology experts make predictions about the coming year, many are predicting the arrival of the tablet computer in huge numbers, including on campus. Wired Campus Campus Technology I have to admit to being skeptical. So far, at least on … Continue reading

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Kindle 3

Now that the holiday buying season is over, Amazon has announced that the Kindle 3 is its best-selling product of all time having passed the latest Harry Potter novel. Amazon is expecting to sell more than 8 million Kindles this … Continue reading

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