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First Day at the Apotheke in Polis

So today was our first real day back at work in the apotheke. We first went by the grocery to buy some snacks so we would not have to stop working for lunch. After we picked up the keys and … Continue reading

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View from Above

So today, after some work in the apotheke in the morning, Brandon and I decided to take a drive out into the countryside and see what we could see since neither one of us has really been sightseeing in the … Continue reading

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Getting Acclimated

Today was a down day to catch up on things after my travel to Cyprus. Surprisingly, jet lag has not been a problem. I was able to catch up on some research work and some departmental work, so it was … Continue reading

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Bumper Car Sighting

So, I went down to Larnaka today to pick up Brandon at the airport and get ready for a PKAP day at the museum tomorrow. We still have some illustrating and cataloguing that needs to be done, so hopefully that … Continue reading

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Cheating at UCF

As we approach final exams, it was interesting to read about a cheating scandal at the University of Central Florida. The post on this topic by Robert Talbert includes a video of the class where the professor at UCF confronts … Continue reading

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Gambling on Grades?

A new website called Ultrinsic is letting students bet on the grades they will earn in college. According to the website: “Ultrinsic is a web-based college platform that provides incentives to students for academic achievement. Ultrinsic exclusively dedicates itself to … Continue reading


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Each summer, after the PKAP season concludes, I spend some time back in PA trying to organize things (my office, my laptop, my desktops, etc.). Usually any new system I adopt does improve my organization……for a while anyway. So, I have been … Continue reading

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Rent your Textbooks

I spent some time surfing at the Barnes & Noble website today, looking at their e-reader the Nook. I have been looking at eReaders desperately trying to figure out which to get. I want to use one in Cyprus when I am looking … Continue reading

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Galileo reunited

It seems that Galileo will will be reunited with 2 of his fingers that were cut from his hand and a tooth that was removed from his jaw in 1737, when his body was moved to its current resting spot in Florence, … Continue reading

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Firefox Turns 5 and Cambyses II

The Firefox browser turns five years old today. It now accounts for nearly 25% of browser usage today. Its fairly steady growth as an alternative to Internet Explorer has slowed with the release of Google’s Chrome. It will be interesting … Continue reading

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