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Anglo-Saxon Hoard Discovered

The largest cache of Anglo-Saxon treasure ever found in the UK was recently discovered in Staffordshire. The hoard, a collection of over 1,500 gold and silver pieces, sword pommel caps, copper objects, glass items, and garnets , is currently being evaluated … Continue reading


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Facebook Dangers

I warned my intro class about the dangers of posting things on Facebook the other day. I told them that things you post can come back to haunt you. Once again, they seemed to think that I was an old … Continue reading

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Google buys Digitizing Company

Google recently bought reCaptcha, a company whose program helps foil bots. You have probably seen such anti-spam services where you have to decode distorted phrases or words to join the website or access certain pages. The interesting thing is that … Continue reading

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Dire Economic Straits in PA

The economic crisis that threatens higher education funding for the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education made news in the Chronicle of Higher Education. I was amazed to learn that the system office had been making plans and even hiring consultants, … Continue reading

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American Culture in Cyprus

Each summer when I arrive in Cyprus, I am always suprised by the increasing number of American restaurants and stores that are operating in Cyprus. The latest to arrive in Cyprus – Taco Bell. I am stunned and do not … Continue reading

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