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Dangers of the Internet

In my Introduction to History class I have been trying to stress to my class the dangers of the Internet – such as facebook pictures, twitter posts, emails, etc. They seemed to think I was overreacting, but a series of … Continue reading

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Another E-Reader

Having put off buying an e-reader longer than I ever expected (and still waiting), I was interested to learn about the new Barnes and Noble “Nook.” Some bloggers are referring to it as a Kindle-killer, while others aren’t so sure. … Continue reading


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Blackboard continues fight

Despite Blackboard’s loss in federal court in its battle against Desire2Learn is evidently not over. The company is going to file an appeal with the Supreme Court. The loss in federal court was a fairly substantial loss on all fronts … Continue reading

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Least stressful jobs has a list of the top 10 least stressful jobs and number three is college professor.I am stunned by this opinion. The paragraph on college professors refers to: “Professors’ low stress levels reflect the flexible scheduling and intellectual freedom … Continue reading

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iPhones coming to a campus near you

Last fall Abilene Christian University provided about 1,000 of its incoming freshman class with iPhones as an experiment. On the ACU website it says that: “Mobile technology is shaping the way we live, work and learn at ACU. Since education … Continue reading

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New Project

The IUP History Department has undertaken a new project….well, more of an experiment. One of our emeritus faculty, Dr. Irwin Marcus, has agreed to let us record a series of his lectures for delivery via the web. I am very excited … Continue reading

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