Saturday at the Apotheke

IMG_0449Since it today was Saturday and the museum closes early, we were only able to work a half of a day. Things are pretty much in a routine and we are moving through the pottery pretty quickly. We have read a little over 1,000 batches of pottery in our first few days of work. Most of the pottery is the same stuff we usually see here at Polis, but we have run across a few unusual items that will take some research time to document completely. That is the part I really like doing. It will also give me the opportunity to see how my Zotero library works out, and I can find out if applying some organization to my research library has helped.

IMG_0450On to the chips – today I am trying Tsakiris Chips with Santorini Tomato Flavor. Like yesterday, the chips were nice and crunchy. Unlike yesterday, they were very flavorful. I really liked them. The tomato flavor was nice and mild and did not overwhelm the potato flavor. Often these flavored chips are too strong and there is no melding and mixing of flavors. These do a very nice job. The chips tasted like fresh tomatoes cut up for a salad. So, my rating for them is  – ******** (8)! I was getting worried, I had been giving out some low ratings lately. This 8 ties these chips for second place on my list, behind my all time favorite – prawn cocktail which scored a 10.


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