IMG_0451Last night we went out for dinner and decided to do a Cypriot meze, a course of lots of small dishes. We chose the meat meze, and it was quite a bit of food. And I mean a lot. It was very good, but took quite a while to get through, so it was late when we got back to the hotel. I thought about staying up to see who won Eurovision, but decided that I should try to catch up on my sleep (as I get older the jet lag seems harder to shake off). So I called it a night and went to bed, and slept in a bit this morning since we cannot go to the apotheke onIMG_0452 Sundays.  It looked cloudy when I woke up and there was a hot wind blowing. It turns out that the cloudiness was caused by dust which was covering the island. When we went out to breakfast, the wind would periodically gust and knock signs over, slam doors, and rattle roofs. At one point it started to rain, but that lasted for only about one minute and then it stopped. It reminded me of the weather in Indiana, PA – cloudy and windy. The wind eventually died down, but it remained hot and sort of oppresive. It has stayed sort of hazy all afternoon. I haven’t been to Cyprus when the weather has been like this. I heard some people talking and they said it would be like this for a few more days.

IMG_0457After breakfast we wandered down to the site to see what had changed, look for damage, and try to understand the site of EF1 within the work we have done on the pottery from there. It was intersting to try to fit the site into what I thought based on the pottery, and needless to say what I had envisioned in my head did not really match up with what was on the ground. We took some  time and visited all three excavated areas and checked on them. They look pretty much the same as they did when we left last year.

IMG_0460And, finally – my chip review for the day. Today I tried Tsakiris Chips with Mytilene Sea Salt Flavour. As I expected, based on enjoying yesterday’s Santorini Tomato version, I liked them. The chips are crunchy and the sea salt flavour was just right, not overwhelming – even though I drank a lot of water throughout the afternoon after trying them. I will give them a – ******* (7). I will have to visit the store and some peripteros to see if I can find any other flavors. Bill has suggested rating the different water, even though we all know the square waters taste the best.


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