Chips and Dibs

P1040064So, today we started a normal routine of going to the apotheke to look at pottery, or so we hoped. Unfortunately, we had another minor setback with the door to the apotheke (we had a similar problem yesterday), and needed some assistance. The good news is we are pretty sure that the alarm system works and is very, very loud. Anyway, we had a good day once we started and managed to process quite a bit of pottery. The coolest thing we ran across was an inscribed pithos rim. I do not know how I caught it, the light must have hit it just right, because it is pretty faint. This brings me to the concept of “dibs.” This is a system that somehow got put in place at PKAP. The concept was started by Brandon who would yell “Dibs” whenever we found an interesting artifact. This, according to him, gave him the all research and publication  rights to the artifact. Despite trying to stop him from doing this, he kept on doing i, and soon other people starting doing it also. This is all to make the point that when I saw this inscription, I half expected the phone to ring and when I answered it, I would hear Brandon yell “Dibs” at me. But, he didn’t and this allows me to say “Dibs.”

P1040075Anyway, on to the chips review. The chips that I am reviewing today are Tsakiris Chips with Florina Peppers Flavor. The bag had an appealing design and description to it. The chips themselves had a nice crunch to them and looked good (like kettle chips), but I am not a big fan of the flavor. They sort of tasted like paprika chips, which makes sense, but with a tartness to it that did not work for me. To make it worse, the more I tried, the less I liked them. So, I give them a – ** (2).

For dinner we went to our favorite Irish pub on Cyprus to get pizza and watch the sunset. The pizza is very good there and the view is usually fantastic. For the last two days, however, the horizon has been very hazy. Bill claims that he has it on good authority the haze is actually dust caused by the sirocco, but I am not convinced.


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