Finishing Up at Polis

IMG_0063 - CopyI realized today that I have not posted anything in a few days. This is due to a few factors – less than reliable internet at the hotel and long days trying to finish up our work here at Polis. Anyway, not much to report. We finished looking at the pottery from the levels we had targeted from EF2 (Late roman Basilica).  The final result is that we analyzed about 5,000 pottery sherds. We even finished in time to clean up the apotheke and put everything back in place with time to spare. Usually, we are so pushed for time that we are frantically putting things up at the absolute moment. It was nice to be on schedule for a change and not have to worry about whether we were working fast enough.

IMG_0062 - CopyI also had the opportunity to try out Lays Mediterranean Herbs and Cheese chips. It looks like, based on the ingredient list and picture, that herbs equals parsley. They tasted a lot like the Greek Salad IMG_0071 - Copychips, but a bit saltier, I would have to give them a ***(3) out of 10. I also picked up a can of spicy ginger ale to go with them – I am a big fan of ginger ale and was looking forward to finding out what spicy ginger ale is. I was a bit disappointed in that evidently spicy does not mean what I expected. It tasted like regular ginger ale to me.

IMG_0066 - CopyLast night we took one of our colleagues to Limassol to catch the bus to the airport, which gave us the opportunity to visit the Syrian Friendship Club there. We usually visit the one in Nicosia, but were happy to seize the opportunity to visit this one. I was especially happy since I did not get the opportunity to visit this restaurant either of the last two years – a real failure on my part. The only trick is finding the restaurant. Limassol is a city that I do not visit often IMG_0069and even more rarely at night. Fortunately, a smart phone app helped us navigate right to the correct address. As usual, we ordered the meze and as usual it was fantastic. As you can see from the image above, it was a lot of food – and this isn’t even all – the meat course had not arrived yet. The dips were so good. I try very hard to recreate these back in Indiana, and even though my versions are good, they are never quite right. Even though this meal resulted in a one and half hour drive that got us back after midnight – it was well worth it. Now, maybe I need to visit the Nicosia location and compare the two, or is that overkill?

IMG_0064 - CopyRSM

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