Back in Larnaka

IMG_0072Well, since it has been a few days since I posted, a brief recap is on order. On Saturday, Bill and I packed up and moved our base of operations from Polis back to Larnaka. The change was pretty dramatic. The first thing I noticed was how much hotter it was in Larnaka than in Polis. The other obvious difference is how much busier Larnaka is at night, particularly since they are gearing up for the Kataklysmos which officially takes place on June 1st. In Larnaka, however, the activities start a week or so in advance and run a week or two past that date – plus it is the 100th celebration of Kataklsysmos put on by Larnaka. The plus of the celebration? Loukoumades every few feet. (For my devotion/obsession to Loukoumades see Loukoumade Success, or Oh the Humanity). Brandon and I went out last night and went to one of my favorit Loukoumade stands to enjoy an after dinner dessert. It was interesting, though – they were serving loukoumades that looked like mini doughnuts. Most loukoumades are small round balls, but these were flat and had a small hole in the center. Our bag of them had both the traditional (small round balls) and some of the flattened ones with holes in them. Both Brandon and I commented on how the ones with the holes did not taste as good as the traditional shaped ones – Brandon’s theory is that it incorporates too much air into the dining experience. I’ll blog about our work here at PKAP later, if the internet improves – it has been even slower than in Polis.

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