Summer Has Arrived

IMG_0055Today was another day at the apotheke going through boxes and looking at pottery. It was pretty clear this morning that today was going to be a much warmer day than the past week which has averaged highs around 72 degrees. Today’s high was 92 degrees, and the difference was felt as soon as we left the hotel. I did decide that I deserved a vanilla frosted doughnut for breakfast (the first of the season). Cyprus is famous for its vanilla frosted doughnuts, which are much better than the ones I can get in the United States. It was as good as I remembered. If the one on the tray looks lonely, it is because it is Bill’s and he waited a few minutes before eating his – me, I was in a bit more of a hurry.

There is not much to tell about today’s work. We did have one minor insect moment, when this really loud buzzing noise turned out to be a wasp that became curious about our pottery and had to be shooed (carefully) away. One of the more interesting things for me, was finding two pieces of pottery in a box that joined together. While this is a pretty common occurrence, I almost missed it because of the way the break occurred at a significant color change, so the pieces looked very different when viewed separately. A good reminder for me to always pay attention to what I am doing, something that is easy to forget as I look at piece after piece after piece….




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