Larnaka to Polis

Today was the first full day on Cyprus. It went pretty well. I visited the Cytamobile store and they converted my old sim card to a new nano sim that fit my iPhone without charging me anything – and they were super friendly about helping. Then Bill and I went to the airport and picked up our rental car and headed out to Polis. Everything along the way looked pretty much the same, except that there were maybe a few more signs in Russian along the highway.

IMG_0003Once we arrived in Polis, we dropped our stuff off at our hotel. They gave us the same room they usually give us, which we ask for not because of the view, but because it has the strongest internet connection – priorities, right. The only change I noticed at the hotel was that the towels on the bed had been shaped to look like a swan. Then we headed out to lunch since it was around 2 PM and we were starving. I suggested the local souvlaki restaurant that Brandon and I ate at a lot last summer, but when we got there it looked like it has been closed for a while. It is always amazing how many restaurants come and go between our summer field seasons, particularly the ones I like to eat at – which may say something about my tastes, or lack of.

IMG_0004Anyway, after lunch  we went to the grocery store to pick up a few things for breakfast and snacks. This gave me the chance to check out the potato chip aisle and see what chips are available for review this summer. I have to admit that I was pretty disappointed since I did not see any new chip flavors. I will have to do some looking around and see what is available. I may have to find some other food item to focus on. That will be a tough call. After lunch, we went back to the room and started looking over our notes and talked about priorities and what we needed to focus on first to get the ball rolling on our work at Polis this summer. I think we have most things in hand, even though there was a minor meltdown by Bill when he could not find one of the transcribed notebooks.

To finish off the day we ate dinner at my favorite restaurant in Polis, a small place up past Latchi that has tables right down on the beach. They make the best chicken souvlaki sandwich, with a special marinade and halloumi in the pita. Tomorrow, we visit the museum and the apotheke.


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