Travel to Cyprus Part II

So, final leg summary – 1 hour delay, 1 hour of sleep, 1 movie, and 1 book. The big setback was that my curent Cypriot SIM card I have used in Cyprus for almost ten years is too big for my new iPhone 6. I found lots of online tutorials for cutting down the micro sims to fit the nano sim holder in the iPhone 6 but my current sim was barely able to fit in the iPhone 4 micro sim slot after cutting it down. When I held the old sim up to the new nano sim that is in my iPhone, I don’t even see a way to cut it down without cutting into the contacts.

Anyway, I met Bill at the airport and we made it to the hotel, and then walked around the boardwalk area looking for changes. We saw some changes, such as restaurants changing hands, but not many. We finished the walk up with a souvlaki meal, a good start to the season.


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