Polis Day 1

Today was prep day for our Polis study season. We went to the grocery store and bought some food for lunch (bread, tirokafteri, lountza, chips, cheese), and stopped by the Polis Museum. I am always impressed by how friendly the museum staff at both the Larnaka Museum and Polis Museum are – they are always so helpful, pleasant, and fun to talk to. We made arrangements with them for picking up the key to our storage building and went over the procedures for the season. Then we headed back to the hotel and had lunch. After that, we spent the afternoon going over materials (notebooks, writeups, etc.) and trying to figure out our priority list for tomorrow. This is the part of the season that Bill excels at – he is very good at organizing our priority list in such a way that we are able to start work right away and none of it is wasted effort. During the afternoon we took a break and walked down to the EF2 excavation and looked around. Our shortcut to the site had a new fence up blocking our way, but we found another path that actually turned out to be shorter. We eventually called it a day when the sun started to set and headed out to grab some dinner at out favorite pizza place. In addition to good pizza, the view there is ok, I guess.



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