En route to Cyprus

I am currently sitting in Heathrow, eating a mozzarella and tomato croissant, looking out over a runway, admiring the grey, cloudy sky which reminds me quite a bit of Indiana, PA. It has been an…interesting trip so far. My Pittsburgh to Philly flight was so packed that they made me check one of my two carry-ones which led to me frantically shoving electronics into my knapsack. I still had to leave some breakables in the bag, so we will see what happens to them – but I managed to get all the expensive ones out. Then the flight was delayed 25 minutes, which led to a mad dash through the Philly airport when we arrived since my flight to London was already boarding. This flight was not even half full so everyone spread out and I actually got four hours of sleep, in addition to a movie and a book. They did have a problem with the inflight entertainment and reading lights that took about an hour to fix, and all during that time the lights kept popping on and off in the cabin. Despite the fact that Heathrow seems busier than it usually is when I pass through, it was one of the quickest security lines I have ever been through here. Now I am waiting on the gate assignment for my final leg to Larnaka.

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