Quick Trip

Since we have been working so hard (see previous posts), we decided to take the morning and run a quick errand. Bill and Amy asked Brandon and me, if we had the time, to drive down to Agios Georgios Pegeias and take a look at the sixth century basilica there to see how it compares to ours at Polis.

P1000120It was a fun little drive, took about 45 minutes – mainly because it was very hilly and we often found ourselves stuck behind large trucks that had trouble with the hills. Brandon was great to be riding with since unlike another colleague – let’s call him William, who always complains unless I have it in the highest gear, while I tend to drive in a lower gear which provides quicker acceleration when needed. It was interesting to see all the construction on the west side of Paphos (a new mall) and on the road that runs out to Agios Georgios – it reminded me a bit of Myrtle Beach, SC with all the stores, restaurants, and resorts.

P1000166 P1000167Once we arrived, we took a tour of the site. It is a nice site and easy to tour, but had no other tourists there. This meant that we could take lots of pictures for Bill and Amy without worrying about other people being in the shots. Obviously all this work meant that we needed to take a break, and fortunately there is a taverna that overlooks the harbor and the site of Geronisos, a small island right off the coast. It was very pleasant with a nice breeze. We watched a group of badly sun-burned tourists take off on a four wheeled safari (dune buggys, ATVs, etc.) and three sailboats that were evidently teaching people how to sail. That was exciting, because when they sailed into the harbor I thought there was a fair chance for them to hit some of the boats tied up in the harbor, but evidently a more experienced captain took over each one because they tacked into the harbor quite easily with no problems. Eventually we ordered lunch – Brandon had the grilled chicken and I had the grilled octopus, and we had grilled halloumi for an appetizer. All was quite good.


This afternoon we are back at the apotheke working on documenting the ceramics, and using the internet occasionally. It is a little different this year at Polis, in that usually when I am working at the apotheke there are a lot of people here (last year there were 7-8 people working at any time), while now it is just Brandon and I. It is also still nice and cool – sunny and 75 degrees with a nice cool breeze. All in all, a good day – and a productive one.



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