View from Above

P1000216So today, after some work in the apotheke in the morning, Brandon and I decided to take a drive out into the countryside and see what we could see since neither one of us has really been sightseeing in the Akamas region. We headed up into the mountains and tried to see what we could stumble upon. We had a really good time (except for lunch which was both awful and very expensive – lose/lose). It was cool, but sunny – and very windy. We managed to stumble onto a few sites, and found several very dramatic spots to take photos from. It was interesting to the Mediterranean really whipped up with lots of whitecaps. The wind was blowing from the north directly onto shore. It really brought it home to me how dangerous ancient maritime travel could have been with ships trapped on a lee shore, or at least how someone selling dramamine for motion sickness could have made a fortune.


Tomorrow we are going to finish up in the apotheke before heading out to Larnaka on Monday morning, so we can start PKAP on Tuesday.

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