Road Up

road upSo, not much new today. There is an amazing amount of road work going on, in and around Polis. We spent the day at the apotheke, tracking down rims for Brandon to draw. While he drew them, I cataloged them (Munsell, inclusions, description of shape, etc.) – this gave me a chance to play with my magnifying visor, and even use the light. I am sure I looked very cool, like a scientist. We also played around with the Agisoft some more and even came up with an intriguing idea that we will share if it pans out. Brandon let me play 80’s music again so it was a Journey filled day.

P1000073 P1000074









P1000089When we finished for the day, we decided to take a quick ride out from Polis and visit Aphrodite’s Rock and the Baths of Aphrodite. This was a pleasant excursion, it was very green and fragrant since they have a botanical garden there. I included a picture of my least favorite Cypriot plant – bramble (above left) since it seemed to be a strange choice for a botanical garden. On the way back, I made Brandon hang out of the car and take pictures of flowers along the road. Fortunately he did not drop my camera…or himself.


For dinner we went out to our favorite Irish bar and grill (Fly Again) to get some pizza and watch the sunset. So, as I sit here in an Irish bar eating Hawaiian pizza on Cyprus watching a gorgeous sunset, I want to assure you that doing archaeology¬†on Cyprus is hard, tiring, dirty, and not for the faint of heart… Man this pizza is good.




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