More Rain?

So, I thought once I left southwestern Pennsylvania for Cyprus last week, it would be all sunny skies and no rain. Nope. When we headed out to the apotheke this morning, it was overcast, like yesterday. Anyway, once we picked up the key and made it to the apotheke, we started working on analyzing the pottery from some areas of EF2 that were different from the ones we looked at yesterday. Today was a bit better than yesterday, in my opinion – we actually looked at levels that had some Late Roman pottery in them. As it neared lunch, I noticed that the skies were turning even darker. Soon we could hear thunder in the distance, and we actually needed to turn on all the lights in the apotheke to see what we were doing. Today we only worked in the apotheke in the morning since we needed to put in some computer time back at our room transcribing notebooks and making a plan for future work, so shortly after lunch we packed up and headed back. As we drove back, it turned cooler and started raining pretty hard. It actually rained for the next few hours with almost constant thunder and quite a few lightning strikes off in the distance. It was quite the show.



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