Dark and Gloomy….and the weather was also overcast

 Today was a lot like yesterday. We went to the apotheke and looked at lots of pottery. Unfortunately, once again   it was almost exclusively Hellenistic and not Late Roman. It was like a Hellenistic Pottery Barn had exploded and we were sifting through its remains. The bright spot of the day is that when it is time for lunch we merely have to go around the building to the souvlaki stand at the front of the building. The sandwiches there have been very good. The bad part of lunch was when it ended and I had to go back and face more pottery that was not my own, so to speak. I was sitting at the pottery table and staring at yet another inturned rim bowl and thinking how dark and gloomy this made me feel, and when I looked up I realized that it actually looked like rain with very dark clouds heading our way – the power of negative thinking. By the time our day ended it was thundering and a little rain fell, but for only about five minutes. It then turned cooler, the sun came back out, and was very pleasant for the rest of the day.


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