Hellenistic Pottery

IMG_0034Today was an interesting day at the apotheke. We started looking at pottery from the southwestern part of the site, between the basilica and a road. This gave me the chance to break out my iPod and my ceramics music – first song of the pottery reading this season was Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ (I always start with that one since it is the greatest song ever). We started in some of the lower levels and worked our way up. As expected, these levels were full of Hellenistic pottery, which is material that Brandon will look at when he arrives. As we worked up, I kept expecting to run into my old friends (Cypriot Red Slip, Phocaean Red Slip Ware, Late Roman 1 amphora, etc.). I was stunned, though, we worked all morning and into the afternoon, and it was all Hellenistic, all the time – and we went through a lot of trays of pottery. A bitIMG_0035 disappointing to be honest. The highlight of the morning was the bulldozer that showed up and started working right next to the building. It kept moving back and forth with the constant beeping noise and several times looked like it was going to hit the side of the building. It drove Bill crazy, he even recorded the noise at one point on his phone – I am not quite sure why. Look for it on his blog. I was assured by Bill that we will look at some Late Roman levels tomorrow. We better.


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