IMG_0875Today we went to the apotheke and tried to finish up our work since today is our last full work day in Polis. I spent my time looking through the context boxes to see if I could refine any of my previous seasons’ identifications. I focused on Late Roman cooking wares, especially ones manufactured in Dhiorios. We had isolated some units from the large rubble layer underlying part of the basilica that would be best to target, so I used our database to pull up the units’ initial reading and then pulled the kitchen wares from their box. I then tried to find ones that based on my recent research were not identified properly. I am always a little leery of doing this because I am worried that I will have given them incorrect, or worse, bizarre identifications. I was happy to see that nothing was very far off. I did change the identify of a few sherds to Dhiorios forms, but in the database these were already coded as Late Roman Cooking Ware – so not too bad. Brandon spent his time drawing and photographing sherds that I selected to be in a catalogue we are working on. On the music front, we took turns listening to the 80s, country, and rap.

IMG_0874When it came time to go to lunch, we went to our standard souvlaki shop, only to find it closed. That was when we realized that it was Sunday and most places would be closed. We drove around looking for an open place and finally decided to try one of the sandwich shops that are set up by the road. Our favorite one of these in Larnaka is the Doctor of Hunger – good food, and great artwork making it look like a doctor works there (my favorite online review of it is – “I went there hungry but after visiting the Doctor of Hunger I was cured.”). We stopped at the first one and it was very good – we had toasted mix sandwiches. Best of all, it was only 10 Euros for the two of us – our cheapest meal yet.

After lunch we went back to the apotheke, but first stopped to buy me a new toothbrush. I brought mine into the apotheke this morning and used it to clean off some the sherds so that Brandon had a clearer edge for drawing and photographing. As for the rest of the day, just reread the first paragraph.


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