More Museum Work

P1020331Today was a cooler day, with an overcast sky. This certainly made the walk to the museum a lot easier and cooler. After a good day’s work at the museum, we have almost completed our planned work for PKAP. We pre-sorted several more crates (only 1 more to go), and washed a lot of pottery. The lack of sun made it actually pleasant to sit outside and wash the pottery. The sky got dark enough that it really looked like rain, which would have been a rare event on Cyprus at the end of May. It would have also made it harder for the washed pottery to dry.

P1020783 editedThis means that with two more days in Larnaka before we pack up and head out to Polis, we can make sure we finish sorting and washing, as well as take some time for organizing the museum properly, so that when Brandon Olson arrives, he can get right to work without losing any time. The big excitement for the day was an interesting stamped amphora handle (image to the right), which seems to have a lyre on it. Bill also took the opportunity to work some more with a software program called AgiSoft, which can be used to create a 3D model of an item or place. He tried it out on a few of our larger, more complete artifacts. It will be interesting to see well the 3D photo turns out, it worked well when we used it to photograph our trenches last summer.










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