Dust in the Wind

P1020345Today when we headed out to the museum, it looked overcast like yesterday and was a bit cool. But as I learned last night, it was not clouds but dust in the atmosphere that made it look dark and overcast. It seems that each year, dust storms hit Cyprus – these are clouds of dust brought over from the Sahara or the Middle East by weather systems. This storm must not have been a bad one, it was gone by mid-morning and the sun came out, but Cyprus has had storms in the past that left a layer of sand on everything and caused respiratory problems.

Blog - P1020350The museum work today was a continuation of yesterday’s, and the day before that, and the day before that. We did finish pre-sorting all of the pottery, which was a pleasant surprise – with a whole day to spare. This is atypical in the that usually Bill and I are running around on the the last day frantically trying to finish up everything and realizing that we under-estimated how long it would take to finish our work. We still need to wash a fair bit of pottery tomorrow morning, and set aside the pottery we want Brandon to read when he arrives next week, but that will not
Blog - P1020349take very long. We also need to clean up the storeroom and put back into storage all of the crates of pottery that Brandon does not need to analyze. In our pottery washing today, we did find a couple of neat items. One was a sherd that had mending holes in it. There was also a handle with a design etched into it, and several nice pieces of Black Glaze.

Blog - P1020351




Finally, since I have been extremely remiss in my chip research, and have been receiving lots of comments from one vocal reader, I made an effort to stop in a periptero and find some chips I have not tried before. I finally found a bag of Lay’s Sweet Chilli chips. These are similar to Sun Chips (wheat, oats, and corn) – so not true potato chips, but the best I could do. These were not bad, they taste mainly like a plain Sun Chip, but with just a very faint burn of hot peppers after a few seconds. I would give them a (*****) 5 out of 10.

Blog - P1020355









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