Tuesday Video Production

So, today we decided to make another short video. We gathered the camera and microphone up and headed out to film Bill talking about the work we have been doing on one of the churches here in Polis. We got there and set up and, amazingly enough, right next to the site is the only green yard in the village and this guy came out and started cutting his grass with one of the loudest lawnmowers I have ever heard. The yard is really small, maybe 500 square feet, but it took about 20 minutes to cut it, he was moving so slow. I thought Bill’s head was going to explode while we waited. As we stood around, another guy started working on his backhoe, so it rapidly became really noisy. It was hysterical, waiting to see what would show up next, which was 2 kids on an ATV. Eventually, everyone left or stopped mowing the grass and we were able to film a short video on the church. We need to do a little editing and find an Internet connection fast enough to upload it, so it may take a few days.


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