So, as the Polis field season wore down, I took the opportunity to try some more gigapans. Unfortunately, with the weak and sometimes non existent internet connection at our hotel, I was unable to upload them to the web. This morning we are back in Larnaka and it was my first opportunity to upload one of the last ones, which is one I shot in Steni. Steni is a small village about 10 minutes from Polis where I went to look at some pottery, and has a great view of the valley leading towards the Mediterranean. The day that I scouted it out, it was a fabulous view, everything was crystal clear and you could see for miles….or kilometers since that is the unit of measure here. So, of course the morning I choose for actually shooting the gigapan it was hazy out over the Mediterranean and you could hardly see the water. It is not great, and the lesson to be learned is not to put off something to the end of the season. I will try to upload the others later today and the videos we shot.


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