Portus Project

I have been very interested lately in 3D recreations of ancient sites. Today I ran across the Portus Project. The project which is directed by researchers from the University of Southampton and the University of Cambridge. The project’s website says that:

  • “The excavation applies an integrated suite of techniques not generally used on complex Mediterranean sites with major structural remains, including digital recording and visualization. This exceptionally rich and challenging site provides young academics and students with experience and training in site and survey techniques, electronic data-capture and in the identification and analysis of artefacts, fauna and botanical remains.”

It was fun to play with the Polynomial Texture Mapping of artifacts that was available and they even have a site available in Second Life at Portus II. The SL site was informative and interesting. All in all, the site was very well-done and worth a look, both on the web and in SL.


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