New Lab Digs

Today we got to set up our lab space at a new location. For the last 5 years we have been working at the Larnaka District Archaeological Museum, which has been great. The staff have been very friendly and the museum is only a five minute walk from our hotel. Last year we had a minor issue in that we were bumped out of the majority of our usual space by another project and ended up working out in the museum’s courtyard. This year, our work space is being taken up by several large sarcophagi that are being restored. At the end of last season, most of our pottery was moved from the Larnaka Museum to an outlying storage facility, known as Terra Ombra. It reminds me a bit of the last scene from Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark in that it is a huge warehouse filled with rows and rows of pottery stacked to the ceiling. Since our usual space is occupied, the museum is letting us work out there. I actually think it might be a better work area since it is larger and roomier.


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