Loud Night in Larnaka

Larnaka can be a loud city at night. I left my balcony door open last night to take advantage of the cool night breeze that was blowing last night. I probably should have have just relied on the air conditioning. About 2 AM, a group of kids on scooters circled the block yelling and honking at each other. Then, at 4 AM I was stunned to hear thunder and a brief rain shower. Usually, by the time I arrive in Cyprus the rains are over. In my 13 summers on the island, I have been rained on twice and each time the showers lasted for less than 2 minutes and was never heavy. I have seen rain clouds in the distance and several times have been enveloped in a heavy fog. So, listening to the thunder and brief rain was an unusual experience. Finally, at 6 AM somebody started weed whacking, or strimming, the lot across the street. He evidently had a pretty powerful machine, aka loud, and he was using it to shred metal – or at least that it was it sounded like. We are getting more rooms today and moving people around, so I will be moving from the 1st floor to the 3rd floor, so I hope it might be a bit quieter. We will see.


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