Ok, first issue

So, as Bill explained in his blog, we have a small ….. problem. The Trimble R-8 system we use is a very nice system. It is very accurate and easy to use (a plus for us). But, it is hard to transport to Cyprus. I found a great

golf bag hard case system that fits the tripods perfectly. The problem is that it has a TSA approved lock on it, which I left unlocked and did not bring the key for. As I found out this morning when I went to open it up, that evidently, the baggage folks at Philadelphia were kind enough to lock it for me and so now we have a locked case full of GPS equipment and no way in….yet. I have to go to the Larnaka airport today to pick someone up, so I might take the bag with me to the airport on the off chance that they might have a key there that could open it. If that doe not work, it will be interesting to see what we have to resort to in order to get the equipment out. I’ll let you know what happens.


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