Locked case update

Well, I went to the Larnaka airport and tried to find someone who might be able to help me unlock our locked golf case that contains our GPS tripods inside. It was quite the experience trying to fit the case into our very small rental cars. From the number of looks I garnered in the airport, I guess they don’t see many golfers on the island, I received several double takes as I wheeled the case around. Anyway, I was sent to various people and offices who were all perplexed as to how to help me. Most were friendly and wished they could help, but couldn’t. My last stop was with British Air customer service. I have to admit to being a fan of British Air and usually have a great experience when I deal with them. Today, that wasn’t really the case. The customer service rep seemed to imply that I was some sort of crackpot wasting her time, and openly scoffed at me bringing golf clubs to the island. I tried explaining that the case contained important GPS equipment that we, as an archaeology project, needed access to. Playing the archaeology card on Cyprus often has great results….except this time. She seemed to have the same opinion of archaeologists as golfers. So, our next sep is…….to be honest not really sure what our next step is – I’ll let you know.


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