Episode 11

Episode 11, "A Dip in the Sea," of Emerging Cypriot is now available for viewing on-line. When Joe Patrow created these episodes, he sat down with David, Bill, and myself and asked what we were looking for. My only input was the idea of following an artifact from the field through the various stages of analysis it undergoes ("An Artifact’s Journey"). We left most of the control up to Joe and he did a very good job of creating these shorts. While my interest was in the teaching aspect to these episodes, Joe wanted to capture the total experience – which he did, and this is one of those shorts. Due to the calendar, for the first few years of our project we missed out on experiencing Kataklysmos (the Cypriot Festival of the Flood). For the last 2 years we have been able to experience this festival in all of its glory. For most Cypriot cities, this is a 3 or 4 day event, in Larnaka where we stay it is a week long affair. For me, the highlight of the event are the loukamades, which I could eat by the bagful….and have.



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