Odds and Ends, Part II

A couple of quick hits:

  • A student arrested in Egypt sent out a twitter message to his friends who were able to get him out of jail after contacting the US Embassy. (the article is on Wired). I was pleased that some of my students from my digital history class emailed me about this story.
  • Our new Macintosh for the history department’s computer lab arrived this week and is being set up. I haven’t used a Mac since the mid 80s when my computer classes used them for programming classes in PASCAL – and yes I realize that shows how old I am and how bright I am for switching from Computer Science in the 80s to classics.
  • I realize the PKAP season must be close since I noticed my PKAP email volume is increasing, as well as the fact that I have called David on the phone every day for the last week – I’d call Bill but he’s in Greece and I’m cheap.
  • The other thing that makes me realize that the PKAP season is approaching is the fact that colleagues at IUP (not in my department) are asking me if I am headed back to my archaeology project this summer. The humorous thing is that some think it is in Crete, others in Greece, and even one thinks it is in Syria. I know one faculty member who for the last 3 years has asked me about my work in Crete. I used to correct him, but I eventually gave up and now pretend to work in Crete when I meet him, and boy have I made some fabulous discoveries there.


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