PKAP Odds and Ends

The PKAP season is fast approaching and we are down to the last few days for us to finalize a few items. For me I want to get our supply list finalized so that I can order what we need and then farm the supplies out to various project members to bring over to Cyprus. We are also working hard on the educational component of the project. As we have brought more students over each year, we have unfortunately, not modified the educational component to better fir our larger numbers and changing volunteer population. In our first season  there was just 6 of us: Bill, David, me, and 3 IUP undergraduates and we worked them into the ground. I can remember cooking dinner one night and by the time it was ready, all three of the students were asleep (and not napping but comatose) while the 3 old(er) guys were still going. The following year with 5 students, we probably backed off the work too much (and that was my fault) and they weren’t tired enough. This season, under Bill and David’s direction, we are finalizing our site visits before we arrive. I have tended to wait until the fieldseason started and then decided what to go see based on staff input. This year, by deciding what we are going to see beforehand, we can create handouts on the sites that will help the students get more out of their site visits. We are also updating our PKAP Reader, which I actually felt we did a nice job of putting together in 2003. We have made small changes to it along the way, but like all things will benefit from an overhaul. I have always been impressed by the way our staff has pushed to improve our experience each year. IT should be interesting.


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