PKAP Planning

Today turned unexpectedly into a PKAP planning day. I had a few minutes after dinner and so I started working on the lodging situation. I still do not have a good way to do this other than using Excel to mark off the days people will be in Cyprus and then color code the entries based on the different rooms. As I was doing this I realized that my budget sheet was off in certain areas, such as lengths of stay, how many people are actually participating, etc. The biggest problem though is the exchange rate. Cyprus went to the Euro on January 1st and so when I made the budget out a few months ago, since the Euro was worth US $1.38, I built the budget using an exchange rate of $1.48. Clearly I was overly optimistic since the Euro was worth $1.57 today. I even saw an economist on TV who was predicting the Euro would make it to $3.00, hopefully he is wrong. If this keeps up, we will have to find a cheaper place to work. To depress myself I added a currency converter on my sidebar and on the blog.


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