Spring Break Over

Today is the last day of my spring break, far too quickly as usual. And as I expected, I did not get as much completed as I had hoped to get done. Part of this I can blame on college basketball, which will eat up more of my time over the next few weeks. I did manage to get a couple of grants written this weekend (one for PKAP and one for the department), as well as some paperwork for the departmental evaluation committee.

Things are really picking up PKAP-wise. I created a distribution list of the 2008 PKAP participants and started bombarding them with emails. I emailed them our participant forms and asked them to provide me with their flight information. This information will help me figure out the rooming situation for this summer, and so far I have heard back from about 50% of them – none of them associated with IUP though.

In my Digital History class this week we are going to start talking about images (file formats, manipulation of them, copyright issues, software programs, etc.). I am also going to start the students on their group project, the creation of a wiki devoted to educating other IUP history majors about digital history. I couldn’t make up my mind about which wiki to use and IUP really hasn’t instituted wiki software yet, so I finally went with wikidot.com. I decided to use this site because Bill set up a wiki for PKAP staff members a couple of days on this site and it seems to work well. We’ll see how my students take to it.


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