More Egyptology in Second Life

While browsing the Internet today, I ran across a webpage talking about the recreation of Egyptian buildings from the island of Philae. I quickly dropped into SL and clicked on the SLURL listed for it. I have to admit that it was impressive in its colors and detail work. It clearly required a lot work and the creator of the site had put in a lot of time and effort on their part. Looking at it from a historical point of view, however, I was disappointed by the lack of information readily available to the visitor. I did not find anything that told me about the site or why it was created and if I had not read about the site before visiting it, I would have been lost – and I realize that I am most likely judging the recreation on a set of criteria that the creator did not have in mind when they were working on it. It is certainly worth visiting, but a class would need some overview to the site before visiting it. Since my core class made some snide SL comments again today and seemed to imply I was a geek with no life, I might make them visit this site and write a journal on it. The colors and spatial interaction to the recreation are quite nice and would fit in well with our discussion of history and art.



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