Digital History and Web Pages II

This week in Digital History we are continuing to talk about web design and website organization. I talked to the class about HTML editors and tried to get a good feel for their level of abilities. Some of the class have actually created web-pages for their COMM 103 class which is required for all social studies education majors. I then had them create a basic web-page in FrontPage for their chosen history field and email it to me. For their homework this week I asked them to find any 3 wikis, and 3 blogs dealing with history and email me the addresses. When I gave them the assignment, they all looked at me like I was crazy. Somebody asked me if I meant 3 Wikipedia articles and I said nope, 3 other wikis and Wikipedia could not be one of the three. It will be quite interesting to see what they turn up. The other thing I need to do is find a good graphics program to put on the lab computers for the students to try out. I don’t have the money to put PhotoShop or Paint Shop Pro on them, so I am not sure what to get. So, if anybody has any suggestions please email me.


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