A Day Off

Today was a day off from school for the family since it was Martin Luther King Day. We took a quick trip to Chuckie Cheese’s (always a fun and exhausting trip) and did some shopping. I then spent some time setting up a new printer on my home network. After a fruitless hour I nearly gave up and was seriously starting to question my ability to deal with a simple home network, much less teach a class on digital history. Anyway, I finally got it working on all 4 computers – my big problem is that I have Vista running on one computer on a XP network and have been having all sorts of issues.

Our PKAP meeting in SL on Friday was great, but it really has signaled the beginning of the PKAP season in earnest. We have a lot of work to coordinate in the next few weeks. It is always amazing how much planning goes into each season. Every year I expect it to get easier, but it actually becomes more complicated as we grow in size and expenses. On the other hand I like to think we are actually learning from our mistakes (and there are many made each season) and getting better at planning and executing our plans for the upcoming fieldseasons. Our first priorities are to create in the next few weeks: 1) a list of personnel and dates of their arrivals/departures in Cyprus; 2) a list of equipment we think we need; 3) a list of grants that we are planning to apply for; 4) information packets for volunteers; 5) a list of publications we need to finish and/or are planning to write; and 6) a budget for the season. We’ll have to see how long this actually takes to complete.


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