A Blog on Blogging

Several of my colleagues have commented to me that they have read some of my blogs. Most seem puzzled by why I do it and don’t understand the concept. I realize that part of the problem is that this blog is not as well-crafted or as well-done as many others out there. I would encourage anyone who wants to learn about academic blogging to first read Bill Caraher’s article Blogging Archaeology and the Archaeology of Blogging which has recently been published on AIA’s Archaeology on line features and then visit some good ancient history blogs, such as:

Bill Caraher’s Archaeology of the Mediterranean World

Shawn Graham’s Electric Archaeology: Digital Media for Learning and Research

Sebastian Heath’s Mediterranean Ceramics

Ancient World Blogger’s Group

This is just a small list of many, many good ancient history blogs that are out there. A larger list (which is also not inclusive) can be found in the sidebar.


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